Cartoon News Networks Chris Cuomo Is Perfect Example Of Network Bias

Sandmann and Phillips toe to toe drum to hat

Who can forget about Covington High School kids? For Starters Chris Cuomo of the world-renowned Cartoon News Network, CNN. He was the reporter that reported this story. He reported that kids wearing the Make America Great Again hats had an altercation with a Native American man. The man Nathan Phillips, Cuomo report was only trying to defuse the situation. The student that was confronted by Nathan Phillip the Native American man was Nick Sandmann.

Covington High School Home of the FIghting Lions

Nice story, but not much is true. The rally, high school, MAGA hats are the only details that CNN got right. The Cartoon News Network and Chris Cuomo never made an attempt to verify the story. They had no reason to. It played perfectly into the story that they are trying to paint. All Trump supports are bad people. All Trump supporters are racist. Cuomo continued on to the parents of the kids. He pointed out that they were shitty parents. Then went on to explain how he would have handled it as a REAL parent. I wonder if Chris Cuomo teaches his kids to lie and steal to get what they want? Or what about prejudice? That seems like your MO.

So The Cartoon News Network puts the story out like fact. What do you think happened to all those kids and their families? Every form of hate was shot at the kids and their families. The kids received death threats. Even after that facts came out. Not one apology. Not from CNN, Cuomo or the celebrities that bad mouth these kids.

Paul Harvey with the rest of the story

As Paul Harvey would say, “and the rest of the story.” What is the rest of the story? Well, it turned out that the Covington Hogh School students did nothing. What, after all that shit talking from CNN and Chris Cuomo. Yup turns out the victim, Nathan Phillips was actually the instigator. Funny, CNN or Chris Cuomo never reported that. But okay. Why because they are being sued by Sandmann. I hope they take a chunk out of your ASSETS.

This is the perfect example of the mainstream media changing and altering the facts to fit their storyline. There is absolutely no shame on the part of the media outlets. They will take any fact and twist it around to suit their narrative. They assume that we are not smart enough to think on our own. That’s why they have taken on the responsibility to let us KNOW what to think.

CNN your rating are down. Good for you. The people have enough of your lies and half-truths. You purport to be a news outlet. How about report some news. A good reporter reports facts that they have checked. A CNN reporter plays to the partisan executives of the network.

I know I’m not the only one asking the Cartoon News Network, WTF RU Doing?

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