Lori Loughlin Another Entitled Feels She Was Misled And Manipulated By Officials At University Of Southern California

For those of us who don’t keep up with entertainment or fashion news. Lori Loughlin is the former star of the TV series Full House. She is married to an International fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli. Lori Loughlin has two daughters both of whom were part of the college admission scandal at the University Of Southern California. The scandal involved daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose. Olivia Jade, the oldest daughter, has a very popular Youtube Channel.  Younger sister Isabella Rose is an Instagram star and actress.

Loughlin’s oldest daughter, Olivia Jade’s entry qualifications fell just below the low end of what’s required to attend the University of  Southern California. Loughlin’s intention was to use the bribe money to get daughter Olivia Jade admitted to USC, as a recruited crew coxswain. Prosecutors are claiming that Mossimo Giannulli gave $50,000 to Donna Heinel who is the University Of Southern California’s Athletic Director. Heinel was going to present Loughlin’s oldest daughter Isabella Rose as a  purported crew recruit for the University Of Southern California Trojans. Keep in mind that the oldest daughter Isabella Rose did not row competitively or otherwise participate with the team.

And we don’t want to forget about Rick Singer. He is the University Of Southern California Admissions Counselor. Rick Singer’s foundations benefitted $200,000 in the form of a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation. Yup, I said that it is a tax-deductible donation.

Loughlin takes time to sign some autographs before going into court.

Had the FBI not uncovered the scam the Loughlin’s had the same plans for daughter Olivia Jade.

Insiders reported to Entertain Tonight that Loughlin and Giannulli were misled about the severity of what they were doing. Loughlin also said they were under the impression that they might be breaking rules but never laws.

If this is the best defense that their lawyer can come up with. My guess is you are about to get paddled. 50 other parents came clean. They admitted their part and acknowledge what they did wrong.

So the 50 other parents were able to strike a deal with the district attorney. They were involved in the same scandal as the 50 other parents yet Giannulli felt he was not guilty.

The defense would go something like this:

Loughlin: they only told us we were breaking rules. No one told us we were breaking the law

Judge: Really

Loughlin: if i knew we were breaking the law we wouldn’t have done it.

Judge: WTF RU Doing?

Okay maybe he wouldn’t say that. I guarantee that he is thinking that.

That’s a ton of finger pointing to bad they are all pointing the wrong way

Most of the bribe money came in the form of a donation. So on top of the fact that these entitled feel like it’s their right to buy their kids anything. Education included. They get to write it off at the end of the year. Are you kidding me?

Loughlin adamantly denies money laundering allegations. The money was supposed to go to benefit the school. Did we miss the most obvious benefit? Your kids. Oh, yea and the huge tax deduction at the end of the year. It gets even better, Loughlin told friends that she originally thought her and her husband would only get a slap on the wrist.

There is so much wrong with the mentality behind this. I get it. We all do what we can to advance ourselves and the people we care about. I would do anything for the people I love. I also would own up to whatever it was I did. I am asking the question everybody should be asking, WTF RU Doing?

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