Impeach Trump – You Might Be Missing This Very Important Fact

Okay, my head stopped spinning, let me see where I am. All the talk about impeachment. All the talk about how Trump worked with the Russians to sway the election. All the talk about Trump obstructing the investigations. All the talk about a cover-up.

Has everybody lost their minds? The basis of the whole investigation came from bought and paid for evidence. Oh and not on a shred of truth in it. The creator of the documents said that there is nothing verifiable in there.

This is absolutely the longest running joke in political history. We already know and it has been proven that Hillary Clinton through the DNC and Fusion GPS purchased the dossier from ex MI6 agent Steele. When the information was handed over it was made clear that NONE of the information could be verified. Steele even went as far to say that he couldn’t even say if it was true and he had zero confidence in the information.

This is where we should stop. This investigation was started with fake evidence. If it were any other president they would have immediately dropped all charges. So until this is addressed everything else is garbage.

Innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty until proven innocent. This is a basic right. Why isn’t it applied to the president?

WTF RU Doing?

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