Block-Chain Now It's Relevant 1  Block-Chain Now It's Relevant

Block-Chain Now It’s Relevant

Block-Chain Now It's Relevant 2  Block-Chain Now It's Relevant

What has happened with blockchain and its technology?

The only exposure that most of us have had with blockchain circles around alt-coins. Like Bitcoins. Even then the only thing most of us now about Bitcoins has to do with the skyrocketing value and then the plummet.

The technology behind these alt-coins like Bitcoin, that’s the goldmine. Blockchain technology was originally designed as a decentralized verification system. The application was then used to create Bitcoins. A nonfractional, decentralized, anonymous currency.

Block-Chain Now It's Relevant 3  Block-Chain Now It's Relevant

What I want to talk about has to do with the tech, not the currency. Today we have more CONNECTED devices than any time in history. Cellphones, laptops, desktops, gaming systems even our washing machine is connected now.

Block-Chain Now It's Relevant 4  Block-Chain Now It's Relevant

Today with all the concern about getting HACKED security is at the front of everybody’s mind. 2016 brought our concerns to fruition. The allegations that the Russians were meddling in our election. That they were able to influence our elections through the direct use of dis-information.

In the automobile industry, we see a huge increase in the number of vehicles that have some sort of autonomous function if not completely.

Block-Chain Now It's Relevant 5  Block-Chain Now It's Relevant

What if we were able to leverage blockchain tech to verify identity and location. With just these two basic functions of blockchain, it could change the world.

You could validate identity in the case of elections. Automobiles would use the tech to locate other vehicles. If they could merge automobile and cell phone blockchains. Then you would be able to locate other cars and a large majority of pedestrians.

The technology is very secure and impossible to defraud.

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